👋 I am Dawei Ma, a full stack developer live in China.
✍️ I have written 89 chinese posts about Learn / Dev / Trade, total 318K words.
🚩 For now, My blog has been viewed for K times in days.
🔨 Love to build OSS, currently focuse on free4chat and invest-alchemy.
🤑 I manage a ETF portfolio to build my passive income.
📫 You can reach me via Email or Twitter, more about me is here.
🔗 Also find me on YouTube, WeChat, ZhiHu, Telegram, Newsletter, RSS.
🙊 If you are very curious about the blog name, please read this post.
⛽️ What keeps me going are these long-term goals.
🚮 Other stuffs which I have built are here.
👀 I have a dashboard for monitoring my blog & social data.