• 2019.8

    Wi-Fi connection advertising placement system

    Project description: As the project TL, complete the verification and design of the Wi-Fi solution for the connection of Wechat Mini-Program; Reconfiguration of the back-end system micro-services; Project security review.
    Development language: Java & SpringBoot & SpringCloud

  • 2018.11

    a `Zhong Tai` Project

    Project Description: Act as back-end Dev, complete the development of back-end API.
    Development language: Java

  • 2018.11

    Coupon Web

    Project Description: A coupon information platform for overseas.
    Technology tags: Content management platform, high concurrent Web site, distributed crawler technology, SEO optimization technology, ELK, NLP, Coupon aff-network data integrated
    Development language: Java & Scala & PlayFramework & SpringBoot & Python & Elixir

  • 2018.4

    Digital Intercom App

    Project Description: The digital walkie-talkie can be connected via Bluetooth and related configuration information can be set, and the IM voice chat function is also available.
    Project Responsibilities: Independently complete the Bluetooth multi-device connection management module, device setting module, and voice chat module.
    Development language: Swift & RxSwift

  • 2017.6

    Wechat Mini Programs

    Project Description: Coal price information display platform.
    Project Responsibilities: Independently complete the design, development, testing, and online work of the server-side management background and the entire small program.
    Development language: JavaScript

  • 2015.12

    Trading Diary App

    Project Description: Management of stock portfolios and trading diaries. Manage transaction information such as transaction diary, combined net worth, portfolio positions and historical positions.
    Project Responsibilities: Independently complete the server-side management background and the design, development, testing, Apple Store release and ASO optimization of the entire iOS App.
    Development language: Swift & Python

  • 2012.1


    Project Description: Similar to Jingdong Mall's electronic mall website, including order module, logistics module, commodity module, payment module, etc., mainly provides sales management of physical goods, number card, marketing plan.
    Project Responsibilities: Participate in the coding development of modules such as merchandise, orders, logistics and payment.
    Technology tags: Java Spring MVC
    Development language: Java, Javascript, JSP, JSTL

  • 2011.7


    Project Description: PMS (Portal Management System) is a kind of application software platform developed for the construction and operation management of large websites. It provides a comprehensive technology development and operation and maintenance platform for large websites.
    Project Responsibilities: Participate in the coding development of modules such as content, columns, topics, audits, and permissions.
    Technology tags: SSH lightweight J2EE framework.
    Development language: Java,Javascript,FreeMarker

About Me

Dawei Ma

I am a Web "full stack" engineer who has independently designed, developed, and maintained an investment aid product and related server-side systems. I am also a 'lifelong learner' who had an experience in internet-finance. I spent less than a year studying relevant knowledge in the financial field and holding securities and investment consultant qualification certificates. With strong time and project management skills, I was writing about a blog for two months, and has gained more than 2,000 fans. Keep a strong curiosity about new things, use spare time to study blockchains, quantify trading techniques, and apply for invention patents for the company.


Live in Xi'an. My job is to develop and maintain the company's product back-end systems. In my spare time, I mainly research Web full-stack development technology.




Xi'an Jiaotong University
2014 - 2019
computer technology
North China Electric Power University (Beijing)
2008 - 2012
computer science and Technology


2019 - Now
Senior Consultant
Full-stack development and agile engineering practices.
2018 - 2019
Senior Java Development Engineer
Responsible for the company's product back-end development and maintenance.
Xi'an Fengyu Info Tech
2016 - 2018
iOS Software Engineer & Backend Development
Responsible for the company's iOS App development and maintenance.
An internet finance company
2015 - 2016
Technical partner
Responsible for all-platform technical system development and market operations.
AsiaInfo Tech
Java development engineer
Participate in the development and testing of the e-commerce platform and content management system led by the Group's mobile division.

Tech Stack

Java & SpringBoot & Vert.x & PlayFramework
Swift & Objective-C
Elixir & PhoenixFramework
Python & Django Framework
Javascript & Vue Framework & HTML & CSS
Linux & Docker